The Pot Limit Omaha is the most played poker variation in the world, after of course the texas hold’em . A game that over the years has not only grown in popularity, but has unraveled among further variants and game modes. Today we will deal precisely with Pot Limit Omaha , which is the most classic form of the variant itself. From the basic rules of the game, passing through the betting limits, up to the composition of the best score.

The Basic Rules Of Pot Limit Omaha

Compared to the well-known my3win Texash Hold’em, in Pot Limit Omaha each player receives 4 cards. Of these, however, he can only use two to build his best point, linking them with three of the five community cards . So if you are dealt three aces in your hole cards , you don’t have a set of aces, but a simple pair.

The other essence of the game is the lack of free raise in the amount . In fact we are in the absence of No Limit and we play in Pot Limit mode . Specifically, the amount that is raised must be at least equal to the last raise. By adding the amount in the pot to the amount with which 2 calls would be made, the maximum amount that can be raised is obtained .

The Ranking Of Points In The PLO 

The Value Of Omaha Hands Is Like Almost All Variants Of Poker:

  1.  Royal flush
  2.  Color scale
  3.  Poker
  4. Full house
  5. Color
  6.  Ladder
  7.  Tris
  8. Double copy
  9.  Couple
  10.  High Card

Basic Tips For PLO 

Here Is A Series Of Basic Tips To Always Keep In Mind When Playing Pot Limit Omaha , Especially If You Are New To This Variant:

  1. Be very selective with your starting hands , which is not easy when you look at four cards and think of all possible combinations.

  2. Even before venturing into games or clashes at the table, try to ” read ” your rivals. The same “Read” that you perform in Texas Hold’em , you must also do it in PLO . Recognize the closed player from the aggressive one, passing through the one who plays almost exclusively in search of projects. Once you have taken your measurements, you can start playing your game, based on the information you have obtained.

  3. Don’t get stubbornly attached to your cards . In Omaha it is best to wait until you have a good hand before betting large amounts. Be patient. Above all, remember that the percentages are different from Texas Hold’em and much more vulnerable. Even a single card can totally change the board and consequently turn the situation around.

  4. Omaha is a ” nut ” game . For this reason it is not always a good idea to play a draw (flush or straight) that is not as high as possible. Combinations in PLO increase dramatically and there are often boards on which 2 or more players are chasing the same draw.

The Most Common Mistakes In Pot Limit Omaha 


Here Is A Series Of Common Errors In PLO And Which Must Be Eliminated From Your Game To Be Successful in

  1. Although you have four cards in your hand , remember that you can only use two to build your point. They will add up to three of the five community cards.

  2. Playing too many starting hands. As in Texas Hold’em you must learn how to select your hands. Four Hole Cards often lead to an increase in the percentage of hands played and in the long run it can be a big mistake as a house. The first step is to recognize which starting hands are good and which are not.

  3. Don’t overdo the low cards. It is not Omaha Hi-Lo , where the lowest point is rewarded. There are situations in PLO where it makes sense to use low cards to build draws or whatever. But it doesn’t have to be the constant of every commercial.

  4. Giving away free cards in poker is often a mistake. All the more so in a game like Pot Limit Omaha , where everything can be overturned even in a single street. For this reason, when you have a good hand, or feel that you have an advantage over your opponents, bet and avoid the check . From trapping to being trapped is a moment in Pot Limit Omaha .

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